Did you know nearly 25% of all websites worldwide run thanks to WordPress? In fact, 17 new posts are put on the WordPress platform every second. This popular platform has gained, and maintained, a stronghold in website development for a number of reasons. WordPress sites look different on the front end of your site and are fairly easy to manage on the backend. You don’t need an experienced webmaster to manage your WordPress website.


Red House Website Design works with WordPress to create your website and modify your content as your business grows. We learn about your company, discuss your brand, and help you:


  • Build a website to give life to your brand and show the personality behind your business. Because everyone is online, you need to not only have a website but to have a meaningful site.
  • Tie together your website and your blog into one platform, so you can manage both with one login. This also gives site visitors access to your pages all in the same place.
  • Create a unique experience for visitors that may have visited the sites of competitors or others in your industry. With the strategic targeting of topics relevant to your industry, we can drive traffic and boost conversions rates.


The Benefits of WordPress Development


Often, business owners have a difficult time stepping back and seeing their website with fresh eyes. Red House Website Design works so you can look at your site from a new perspective. When you challenge yourself to see your page with fresh eyes, you can better make strategic decisions for your WordPress site project. This platform has a number of benefits.


Ease of Use: One of the main reasons Red House recommends WordPress to our clients is its ease of use. The platform is straightforward and doesn’t require much time for you to learn. If your focus tends to be more on content, it is easy to upload posts to the website.


Responsive Design: With Red House working on your WordPress site, you’ll get a responsive design. This means that no matter who visits the website or from what device, they will experience your website as it should be experienced. Since we will do it right from the start, you won’t need to design more than one site to create a consistent online experience for all of your visitors.


SEO Friendly: SEO stands for search engine optimization. This is something you do to your website so it is easier for the major search engines to categorize your content. WordPress makes it easy to add and make changes to your SEO throughout your website. With consistent content that brings relevant visitors to your site, your number of conversions will increase.


Boosting Brand Awareness with Blogging: In conjunction with a strong marketing strategy, you can boost brand awareness with blogging. WordPress allows you to easily create content that is relevant to your industry and potential customers. This website format allows you to be a place for discussion in your sector. In a field where you provide a service or product, you can become a voice of authority on WordPress.


Customization: The Red House Website Design team is here to create a custom design for the look of your brand. We have a team of graphic designers with the expertise you need. A number of entrepreneurs freeze up at the idea of creating a website because it feels like you have to commit to every detail of your business. Our team can customize your WordPress site as your business changes. We are a full-service agency, so a long-term partnership with Red House may be right for your business.