Boost your bottom line, drive conversions, and improve brand engagement with Red House Website Design in Jacksonville, FL. Our custom designed websites lead to measurable results.To help your project get off the ground, we follow a series of proven steps to guarantee your website not only functions well but attracts long-term customers.

Discovery and Strategy Phase

Through careful research, considerable planning, and in-depth analysis, Red House creates a website design based on the goals of your project. Once the goals are clarified, you will get a stunning and useful website which drives conversions.

UX Planning and Information Architecture

Website features, functions, and structure are defined at the start of your project. This means both your team and the Red House team can always refer back to our original plan when we need a reference.

Creative Design Mockups Led by Website Designer

Our team creates designs based on industry standards as well as the needs of your unique organization. We consider industry standards because even the most creative design will not be accepted if not received by the target audience. A combination of your goals and objectives with consideration to the industry and eye path testing principles to help us build the site.

Responsive Website Design and Back-End Development

By choosing the right content management system (CMS), your site will be easy to manage so you can update your own content. The right CMA helps you keep the site dynamic so users come back for multiple visits.

Quality Assurance and Testing

Even though the quality control process tends to be tedious, it is essential to the function of your site. We want to make sure everything is done correctly so the site can launch without any issues. Every element gets checked during this process.

Website Launch, Analysis, and Optimization

Once the site is launched, the work isn’t done. It is a dynamic project that should evolve alongside your business. By installing features to track data on your site, you can effectively measure how users interact with your site and determine which features are working as they should.

Increase Engagement Through Website Design

Think of some of your favorite websites. Look at the sites of your competitors – what draws your attention? Exposing yourself to a range of sites to determine what you like and do not like helps you see your own website design objectively. You can increase and improve engagement with the right website design.

Content: The content on your website should convey a clear message. The content on your website should be informative to your audience, be relative to your market, and help you stand out from the competition. Red House Website Design combines content and user experience to make it easy for customers to find your site. In addition, excellent content increases your search engine optimization because it raises the level of trust search engines put in your business and also guarantees qualified traffic reaches your site. The Red House Marketing Team specializes in content, online media, and SEO to boost your online presence.

Rich Media: Photos, videos, and infographics are all useful ways to convey a message to your clients or customers. If you need to explain your business or a new product to website visitors, rich media helps. Your audience will enjoy this concise format that is also shareable. Red House is able to help generate the photos, videos, and infographics you need for your site.

Compelling CTAs: Get visitors to engage with your company by using calls to action. A call to action truly drives conversions and keeps your visitors involved in your site. When designed in the right manner, a CTA leads to a natural conversion for the customer. Whether it is signing up for a newsletter, choosing to learn more about your company, or filling out a contact form, CTAs propel your business.

Blogging: This is the way to create a discussion around a brand. If your business has a barrier to entry simply because you are introducing something new, a blog helps you describe the need for your product or service. Generate content on your blog that covers content relevant to your entire industry as well as your individual business.

It is also important to note: blogs are shareable. Red House also offers content services for designing, writing, and managing a blog. Get your voice out there and you never know what leads will reach your site.

Social Media Integration: Simply put, every business needs to be on social media. Not every platform is right for every business, but every business should be on at least one. Your website will include links to your social media so visitors are able to stay connected to you. Social media helps you expand the personality of your brand so you stay accessible at all times. Again, our online marketing team is here to help you integrate social media into your online practices.

Effective Design: What makes one website more effective than another? The design of your website should reflect the identity of your company. Even though you are a company within an industry, you still should stand out from every other business in the field. The right website portrays your brand well, provides details and products and services, and gives thorough instructions about making a purchase. The most effective websites drive conversions while still providing information. At Red House Website Design, our team gets to know who is behind your brand so we can create a better website for you. An engaging design helps grow your online presence.

Responsive Design: If your website isn’t responsive, you are unable to reach more than 50% of your potential audience. You must have website design compatible with mobile devices and tablets of all types. Whether a visitor is on a laptop or a cell phone, your site should always function and drive engagement.

Quality Assurance and Usability: No matter how beautifully your website is designed, it needs to work. Red House Design focuses on proper function on a consistent basis. If a visitor visits the site for the first or the tenth time and it isn’t functioning well, they are going to leave. Our development team tests the quality of your site to make sure every page functions, as it should. The online experience should be effortless.