Red House Website Design is a certified Shopify Developer. This easy to use ecommerce platform is recommended for clients with small to medium sized ecommerce businesses. The focus of a Shopify site is not on SEO, it is on creating an easy user experience and simple checkout process for your customers. In a short period of time, the Red House development team can design and launch your new Shopify website. Our team builds you:


  • A visually appealing ecommerce site that matches your brand identity. We get you your desired look so the customer understands your brand.
  • An easy to manage site that doesn’t need a dedicated developer for management after design and development. We also offer consultations and information sessions where you can learn skills specific to your company’s Shopify site.
  • An affordable Shopify site with add-ons you actually need. While the initial cost of Shopify if low, it is easy to find yourself paying a great deal if you purchase all of the bells and whistles. Red House only recommends what is necessary.


The Benefits of Shopify Development


Shopify is the platform used for hundreds of thousands of active websites because of its seamless integration. In combination with their proprietary payments system and point-of-sale software, Shopify is desirable to a number of ecommerce businesses. Red House Website Design sees the value in using Shopify for certain businesses in conjunction with other web development options. Once we get to know more about your company, your brand preferences, and your long-term goals, Shopify may be our recommendation for your ecommerce business.


Reliability:Shopify is a reliable platform that is also secure for your customers to use for transactions. The site runs on their server so bandwidth isn’t an issue. They have established themselves as compliant with significant security protocols. The Shopify team is proactive about security updates as well as site speed. As a company with a Shopify site, you can rest easy knowing your site isn’t prone to breaking down or getting slower.


Easy to Use: Perhaps the greatest advantage of Shopify is one reaped by a small or medium sized business. If you are smaller in size, you don’t need a dedicated web developer to run your Shopify site. If works well if you want to get your store up and running very quickly without months of development. Shopify is not an open source code though, so you may run across customization limitations.


The Shopify App Store: Red House is able to make use of Shopify’s nearly limitless number of application options if you are looking to customize your site. Features are fairly simple to add, but it is important to know these features do add to your overall cost. There are many apps available at an affordable price, which increase the functionality of your site. Red House can work with you to determine which apps would benefit your business and which may not. Some of the most popular options include product options for inventory, display, out of stock notifications, social review extensions, and discount code pop-ups.


Easy Tracking and Targeting: The content management system that you get with Shopify make sit easy for you to track and target your customer base. The analytics your get through Shopify makes it easier for you to identify customer patterns, measure website traffic, and see what your conversion funnel happens to be. Red House also offers comprehensive marketing services so we can make the most out of your tracking and targeting analytics.