80% of all purchasing decisions start with the mobile device. At Red House Website Design, we offer mobile development to take your mobile presence to the next level. There is a great deal of opportunity when you target customers on mobile devices. We work with your company to plan, design, and develop a beautiful and functioning mobile website for your business. Our mobile sites feature quick load times because we never cut corners on the coding of your site.

Why Do You Need a Mobile Friendly Website?

While you may incur extra costs in the creation of your site, a mobile friendly site reaches more potential customers. With more than 80% of searches being conducted on mobile devices, you stand to lose a significant amount of your customers before they even visit your site. The mobile industry is only growing so get on board now before your competitors outrace you. Mobile commerce, or mcommerce, is poised to grow.

Mobile Visitors Have a Specific Purpose

Put yourself in the shoes of your potential site visitors – when you are on a mobile device, are you just browsing? Typically, mobile viewers are on their phones for a specific purpose. They are on your site to compare your brand to the competition, look up how to contact you or find your location, or to read more about your product or service. This means we stick with easy navigation and a quick loading site during mobile development.

Mobile Users Convert More Often

Conversion rates for users on mobile sites tend to be higher. This is because if the mobile user tends to have a specific purpose. Your site either meets their expectations or does not. Your company’s mobile website offers your products or services while still maintaining your identity, you are more likely to get a customer purchase. Mobile channels should be more streamlined and memorable.

Mobile Marketing from Physical Locations

An inconvenient mobile marketing experience allows a competitor to take the customer away from you. More than 50% of users will access your mobile site or application to find out more information about a purchase when they are in your store. If you have a physical location, mobile marketing is an essential.

Help Your Business Stand Out

Red House helps you differentiate your business by giving your site a quick load time. Users expect pages to load in three seconds or less but the average mobile site takes much longer to load. Your users will remember your site speed and are more likely to visit your page again if they can trust it to function.

I Like My Current Site. Can I Make It Mobile-Friendly or Do I Have to Start Over?

Clients often reach out to us when they are happy with their current website but don’t have a site that is mobile ready. You may think that you need two or even three sites, each for different devices. You have several options for your site. Red House Website Design offers the following options:

Responsive Website Design: This is where your site, no matter which device it is viewed on, adapts to any screen resolution. The site can adapt to tablets, mobile, and computer screen sizes. Typically, our team recommends this option when we are planning your website from scratch. It is important to note: Google recommends responsive design websites as the best for search engine optimization (SEO).

Separate Style Sheets: This is where you have the same URL but the CSS style sheets of your website change depending on what type of device is accessing the website. The coding of your site stays the same with changes only being made to the style sheet.

Separate Websites: With a separate website, the website redirects users to a new URL depending on what type of device they are visiting from.