Creating a mobile application is only the first step in bringing it to market. Our team provides you with a comprehensive implementation strategy for growing your mobile application. Red House Website Design creates competitive marketing tactics to help your company do well in the competitive mobile app market. Some of the steps we take with our client base include:


  • Taking the time to learn the biggest goals of your organization. Years from now, how do you want your app to be functioning? By knowing your overarching goals, Red House is able to create an approach that drives your success while sticking to your company’s values.
  • Building a detailed strategy plan to lay out the groundwork for your mobile application endeavor. This includes a group of measurable steps to bring you to your long-term goal.
  • Equipping your business with the necessary tools to keep up with changes in the industry. The Red House team believes in empowering our clients to manage their own platforms and accounts. If you are looking to learn, we educate you on staying active in the management of your mobile app strategy.


Is a Mobile Application the Next Step For Your Business?



Business Analysis: As with any strategy, Red House starts with the end goal in mind. We challenge you to think big – what does your business hope to achieve through the creation of this app? The Red House strategy team analyzes your strengths and weakness to formulate a plan for the creation of a successful mobile app. We do everything from define your target audience to discussing the overall goals of your brand. Our team knows how to integrate your mobile app into your existing business practices, laying the framework for development, and bringing the app to launch. Business analysis is the starting point for the implementation of any type of business undertaking including mobile apps.


Development: Every app starts with an idea. Then, we move on to the actual development of the mobile app. Red House listens until we have a solidified idea of how you want the application to function. Development and ongoing maintenance are both considered in the creation of your app. We take the time to: understand how you need your app to perform, design the experience your users should have, lay out the paths a user will take on your platform, and highlight the business behind the app. Once complete, your app will be competitive within the market!


Branding & Design: More than anything, we make sure your mobile application ties in with your overall brand identity. Your users and clients need to know they are using one of your products whether they are on your mobile application, on your website, or inside your physical location. During design, we make sure the look is consistent with all of existing digital channels. We capture your brand and recreate it for a mobile setting. Red House makes sure your brand is recognizable while using your mobile application including color, style, language, and imagery.


Marketing: When your mobile application is still being designed, we get started with the marketing strategies. To many clients, marketing isn’t at the forefront of their mind while mobile app design occurs. Yet, Red House encourages you to consider introducing your application to the market and the media because this is how you get your product into the world. Getting your mobile application recognized is often the most challenging task of all. Red House works to: help you identify media placements, get reviews from your users, engage with your brand, create marketing campaigns, increase brand recognition, and more.