At Red House Website Design, we deliver measurable results with every marketing campaign. Mobile app marketing is unique in comparison to all other forms of marketing. Our expert team uses a data-driven approach to create a strategy, implement our plan, and get results. You can trust our team to be a reliable partner for your brand. We work with mobile apps in the full range of categories including entertainment, gaming, kids and family, financial, business and news, entertainment, healthcare, and cooking.


  • Our team discovers the value proposition of your mobile application and determines what makes it different from the competition.
  • We use different approaches than marketing a website, product, or service. Red House creates unique approaches to overcome the differences between mobile, digital, and offline media.
  • Our team listens to feedback from the market and your customer base. We then tweak our campaigns, optimize the user experience, and build your brand reputation.
  • Finally, Red House keeps an eye on the big picture. This keeps you on track with the overall mobile app marketing strategy.


Mobile App Marketing Strategies

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Digital PR

Red House firmly believes your mobile app needs to be an extension of your brand. Through digital PR, we bring your mobile app to the attention of your target audience. Our creatives brainstorm, research, and strategize on your behalf. We make sure every piece of your company ties together to support the overall strategy of your business.


Mobile app marketing should start before your official launch and continue for the long term. From narrowing down your target demographic to building brand recognition, digital PR peaks interest in your product. Some of the strategies our PR team uses include:


Curating a List of Media Targets

Reaching Out to Targeted Audiences

Featuring Your Product in Established, High Traffic Media Outlets

Engaging Users Via Social Media

Building Special Events Surrounding Your Launch

Getting Media Reviews of Your Product

Advertising Through Relevant Media and PR Outlets


Social Media

Now more than ever, a strong social media presence is essential to building a brand. We help you choose the right social media channels and optimize your profiles to make the biggest impact online. Red House engages your social channels as you implement your mobile application and bring it to market. Our marketers post, engage, and execute with intention. We develop content calendars to best establish your online community that actually makes an impact.


Paid Advertising

Do you use paid advertising in other areas of your business? In conjunction with your marketing strategy, paid advertising increases qualified traffic to your app. Red House spends time researching the right demographic, keywords, and even geographic region to focus on for your mobile app. By presenting consumers with a relevant advertisement, we build brand awareness and draw consumers to your app.



At Red House, we stay on the cutting edge of search engine optimization (SEO). Just like you optimize a website to rank on search engines, you also optimize your mobile application so your audience can discover your application. App stores have their own ranking system dependent on a number of factors like daily downloads, ratings, reviews, and more. We make your app more visible to consumers that want it. From simple to advanced tactics our team gets your app noticed. Grow your brand online with our SEO services.