When a mobile application makes sense and ties in with your overall business strategy, the development of an application is useful. Red House Website Design helps you with mobile app development including the strategy, design, and implementation of your project. In addition, we help you tie in your mobile app to your overarching business strategy.


Red House helps with every essential mobile application step including:


  • If it is a native, hybrid, or web application, we are able to build the right platform for your move to mobile.
  • Creating an experience, which makes an impact on your target market, which we would identify in the mobile app strategy stage.
  • Testing and tweaking your mobile application until it functions, as it should. Red House works until your mobile application reflects your business well.



iOS Mobile App Development:

Creating a platform that is optimized for iOS.


Android Mobile App Development:

Creating a platform that is optimized for Android users.



Considerations for Mobile App Development


Operating System: Everything starts with the operating system. With options constantly evolving in the field of mobile app development, it is our job to present you with a few operating system choices for your business. We work with both iOS and Android. The right operating system builds your app the right way so it is an extension of your business.


Data Capacity: Red House Website Design never overlooks data capacity and battery life in the creation of any mobile application. It is all too easy for businesses to overlook the impact of the mobile application on a phone’s battery life. We make sure your platform is visually appealing and it engages the user without taking up too much space or battery on the device. An ill-performing application can negatively impact your business. Our development team highlights your company, meets your mobile app needs, and provides a strong user experience.


Navigation Patterns: At Red House, we challenge our clients to consider their favorite mobile applications and determine why these applications stand out in their heads. Do you like simplicity? Do you recognize brand consistency? Navigation patterns make or break the experience a user has in the application. You want your navigation to be familiar enough to understand but dynamic enough that it represents your business well. Our development team balances your business needs with your customer’s expectations to create a beautiful mobile app.


Quality Assurance and Regular Updates: In the mobile app world, quality assurance often means keeping up with regular updates. Red House works with clients to provide long-term maintenance and testing of the mobile application. Because the mobile market is so dynamic, companies must also follow suit with flexibility. We manage your mobile application after it is initially developed so it evolves as your business does.