Did you know that about 85% of time spent on mobile phones is spent within mobile applications? Of this number, 84% of time is spent in applications that did not come with the phone. This means users download apps they wish to use and spend a majority of their time on mobile phones within these applications. From social media to gaming to information, the right mobile app design captivates a user.


A mobile application has maximum impact on its users when it provides value to its users, breaks convention, and subsequently creates demand for your business. As users become more and more discerning, they demand your mobile application to provide them something they did not have before. So what are the most important elements of mobile app design? Red House helps you consider all angles in the design of your mobile application.


Red House Website Design Considers These Design Elements for a Mobile App


User Engagement: Your mobile app should contribute to your company’s bottom line. Even simple considerations like leading users to your location, having them contact you, or capturing their social media information. Red House helps you design an app that complements your other digital platforms.


Big Elements: Consider the experience you have when you go to a website on your phone or on your desktop computer. Even if you are on the same site, the best experiences are different. Designing for a smaller device actually demands use of bigger features. You want users to understand larger buttons, text, and images on your application. Red House helps you consider proper sizing so your users aren’t left pinching and zooming too often.


Easy to Understand Navigation: Unlike a desktop page, a mobile application is made for touch. Red House adds responsive controls that are a seamless part of your platform. Look at your favorite mobile applications. What puts them at the top of your list? The reason most applications are successful is because of their intuitive navigation. From highlighted text to colorful buttons, the right navigation can make or break any app experience.


Consistent Branding: Fonts, colors, images, logos, and design should all fall in line with your branding. When Red House designs a mobile application, it is created to match your already existing brand strategy. Our team never lets strategy fall by the wayside because the ultimate success of your business comes about because of a cohesive brand. Whether we work with an existing brand or we are branding from scratch, our team sets your mobile app up for long term success.