The Red House Website Design developers all work with Magento. We are certified in the use of this CMS to better provide our enterprise level clients with what they need. Magento works well for ecommerce clients, so Red House will start from scratch on Magento or make changes to an already existing site you have on this platform. Because it is a flexible ecommerce solution, we can help you create the optimal customer experience for every site visitor. With Magento, we can:


  • Give you control over the way your site looks and functions. We also make the site easy for you to manage.
  • Tailor your website to fit the needs of your organization. This improves every user’s experience while also boosting conversions for your company.
  • Create a platform that is organized and simple to manage. Trust our innovative developers to work with you until its right.


Benefits of Magento Development


Easy to Use: Magento comes highly recommended by Red House for ecommerce businesses, especially those with a large number of products. You don’t need to be familiar with Magento to understand it because it is user-friendly and fairly intuitive to use. We develop a unique solution which fits your business needs while still providing a great user experience. Magento also helps you discover ways to update your site through its advanced metrics.


Optimized for Mobile: You can no longer ignore mcommerce. In fact, you stand to lose over 50% of your customer base by not having a mobile-friendly website. Magento supports a responsive design which works on all devices, no matter what your users are accessing your site from. Don’t worry about responsiveness with Magento.


SEO Friendly: Search engine optimization ensures your site appears high on the list of results from a search engine because you have included certain elements are included in your site’s data. While you focus on your users, Magento considers both users and the search engines. Boost your traffic and increase your conversions with this CMS specializing in SEO efficiency.


Flexibility: Red House uses Magento to help you find the right method to manage your site. You can’t always predict expansion and scale, but Magento stays flexible so your site can grow with your organization. Create the customer experience you want with this CMS.