While Joomla may not be the easiest development option for beginners, it has an endless number of possibilities and functions for your site. The website is great for technical support and it has significant strength in its complexity. The Red House Website Design team offers you consistent support during the website development process so you walk away with the finished Joomla product you want. Using Joomla gives you:


  • An endless number of options for the design of your website so you truly get a customized look specific to your needs. Red House helps you consider your audience and determine the best way to grow your digital footprint.
  • Flexibility no matter what industry you are in or what product you provide. Companies in ecommerce from businesses publishing white papers can use Joomla websites to attract audiences.
  • A large number of extension options for website adjustment. Red House only recommends extensions that are necessary and also has the capability of adding features directly to the code of the site. We don’t add extensions at the expense of site speed, on mobile or desktop.


The Benefits of Joomla Development


Joomla websites are growing in popularity. This platform is seen by many developers as a level above WordPress in complexity and capabilities. If your business grows rapidly, Joomla is able to accommodate the addition of pages and pages of content. Once we learn about your business structure, the Red House Website Design team may recommend Joomla for your development.


Extension Capabilities: As mentioned, Joomla offers thousands of extensions. Extensions are designed to make your website more functional. Red House works with you to determine which extensions you need and which are not necessary so we can maximize your site speed. The most popular Joomla extensions include: automatic site backup, form builders, google maps, online newsletters, blogs, photo galleries, and social networking solutions.


Usability: Although Joomla is slightly complex, its complexity gives it strength. Our team helps you design extensive websites that make sense and are easy to understand. Ultimately, your website visitors end up with a positive online experience because of Joomla’s limitless features. Without even realizing it, a company may find itself with a site of hundreds of pages for their products and categories. Joomla may require a bit more time for you to learn but once you do so, it is an easy platform for you to maintain.


Consistency: Even as you add all of the features you want for your growing site, Joomla keeps your branding consistent across every platform. If you have a specific brand strategy, we make sure it is consistent across every device, every feature, and every additional page of your site. Make sure your users always know they are on your site, no matter which page the visitors ends up on. Red House develops your website so it reflects your brand at all times.


Content: As content becomes more and more essential for building your brand, you should be able to manage it on your site. Joomla has features for adding content, planning content, and sharing content. You can even make certain content pieces visible to specific members of your audience. Joomla accommodates large amounts of content even as your business grows. New content helps your SEO rankings.