Red House Website Design helps clients select, design, and manage a content management system (CMS) for their unique website. A CMS solution provides site owners with:

A Customizable, Robust Scalable Solution

Design Creativity and Freedom

Management of Your Site That Is Flexible and Intuitive


What Exactly is a CMS?

A CMS is a computer application made to support the creation and modification of digital content. One of the best advantages of a CMS is your ability to author, collaborate, and administer parts of your website without being an expert in website design or management. Because every business is unique, Red House’s recommendations for your use of the CMS would vary. The structure of your site may call for information articles, images, video, integrated design elements, and more. With the right CMS and our team working with you, you’ll have a functional, beautiful, and easy to manage website.


Whether your business has a highly technical webmaster or you will be managing your own website, Red House Website Design would make a recommendation based on your needs.




Pros Cons
Fast to set up sites (with a template) Doesn’t accommodate large media files well
Open source with wide use online Plugins easily break with updates
Use with ecommerce websites of 3 products or less Not useful for regular or large e-commerce sites, Magento integration is an option but functionality may be limited
Large community support with regular updates Must update the site to keep it secure in the long run
Great for informational sites, professional pages, and blogs Not good for fully custom sites with complex features like Facebook integration




Pros Cons
Works with a number of payment systems and numerous shipping vendors Customizing product and checkout pages may not always be possible, features like drop downs for product selection may not be possible
Open source for ecommerce users Bulky and tends to be quite resource consuming
Has a large number of features with the default system Only the standard feature is free but more robust features have a yearly licensing fee, which ends up costing the customer more
Excellent search engine optimization (SEO) capabilities  
Supports multiple languages and offers localization  




Pros Cons
Is a flexible platform that offers a bunch of applications that fit into the interface of the website Monthly cost can add up if you end up adding multiple plugins or applications to the functioning of your website
Great for ecommerce sites that need management, payment gateways, and hosting Uses its own coding language that not all developers know or understand
Reliability means your site isn’t susceptible to lag time and down time Not great for clients looking for content heavy website solutions




Pros Cons
Good for simple, information sites and corporate sites Not ideal for ecommerce websites, for ecommerce you need module integration but all client’s needs must be assessed first
Fast to set up Customizing forms is difficult, many users are required to stick to the default look
A large community of developers supporting and innovating on the platform Information in forms doesn’t store in the administrator panel so it is more cumbersome
Supports multiple languages and offers localization For beginners, it is not the most intuitive content management system
Sites can be built for any functionality with many modules and extensions  


Which CMS Should You Use?


The recommendation of Red House Website Design depends on the expected functionality of your website.


Always Remember:


These systems were developed by third-parties. This means we have less ability to customize your site to function outside of the settings.

Maintenance may be time-consuming. Adjustments and troubleshooting may take a great deal of time just because of continuous updates and changes being made to these third-pparty systems.

Plug-ins can break or change rapidly. If you rely on plugins, you may wake up one day with a broken website. Red House Website Design can customize the platform in innovative ways and build custom functions from the bottom up.


A custom website from Red House Website Design solves all of your problems. We don’t limit you in terms of customization, we are able to accommodate clients with the need for a simple site with little frills all the way to clients with the need for a customized online solution that needs to scale.


We aren’t limited by customization.

            We know how to operate various CMS systems.

            We keep maintenance simple and easy for you to manage.

            We make it easy for you to scale your brand.

            We prefer custom code and don’t rely on plug-ins or third-party solutions.