The Red House development team is able to create a mobile app for use on Android devices. Because these devices are diverse and made by a number of manufacturers, you need an expert on your side. Reach all of customers using Android devices with Red House developing your mobile app. We make sure your app includes:


  • Compatibility with all Android devices and hardware types
  • Presenting your users with a strong experience
  • Providing your business with a way to boost your reach
  • Innovating your app as the Android market develops
  • Customizing the mobile experience to keep the user engaged


Benefits of Android Mobile App Development

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Global Audience

The Android operating system is used across the world. Because of these, choosing to develop your app on this platform exposes you to a worldwide customer base. While we may target specific audiences, the option of expanding your base as you grow will be possible. You get the freedom to target a certain customer without worrying about their geographic location. Red House always focuses on the strategy of every app development decision.


Open-Source Software

Android mobile apps are based around open source software. Our developers are experienced but also creative. We think of new ideas and present your options for customizing your application as you see fit. Red House Website Design makes use of new technologies and the best building platforms for your mobile app. Our creativity coupled with the flexibility of Android’s open-source software gives you the app you need for your company.


Accessibility: App Stores

A high number of mobile devices use the Android operating system. The Android marketplace is not consolidated in one app store. We make sure your app is put in all of the relevant online stores like Google Play and the Amazon App Store. Red House makes sure Android users from around the world get access to your offerings.


Accessibility: Devices

In addition, our team makes sure your mobile app is functional on all mobile devices. Android devices vary in size, screen, and even software. We know how to build a mobile app that is compatible with all Androids. Universal support builds your brand reputation and establishes you as a strong app in the Android marketplace.


Quality Assurance

Red House Website Design doesn’t just create your app and leave you to handle the marketplace. Our team follows through with quality assurance. We develop long-term agreements with clients. This way, you have a mobile app that is compatible and functional even as software updates roll out. If issues arise, we promptly handle the error. Users expect their mobile apps to function on their devices. We make sure your mobile app does just this, at all times.