Do you need a site that isn’t a one-size-fits-all-solution? Think about it this way – your website just might be the only storefront your potential or current customers see. Is your site showing who your company is and what your products and services are? Red House Website Design works on the cutting edge of technology and makes use of the current best practices to give you the website you’ve always wanted. At Red House, our websites are:

  • Built For Speed and Performance
  • Proven For Each Industry We Serve
  • Created By Dedicated and Certified Experts
  • Designed for Both Web and Mobile Responsiveness

Let Red House Website Design serve as your team member in everything from website auditing to site development to future optimization and marketing. We are selective in our client vetting process, which means when you work with us, we truly become your partner in business growth and development.

Website Development and Content Management Solutions

To be on the cutting edge, you need to constantly stay educated. At Red House, our web development team offers you access to the latest and greatest solutions. We listen to your expectations, discuss how your business currently operates, how your business should operate, and work to discuss your options for a content management system and development option.

Responsive Website Development

Responsiveness means your site works on every device. With more and more users searching your business from tablets and smartphones, your site needs to work on every type of screen. Red House Website Design develops websites to work, and look great, across every device.

Mobile Development

Simply put, our mobile development team makes your business reachable to customers that are searching for you when they are on the go.

Content Management System

A content management system, or CMS, is easy for the average business owner to manage. The right choice for a CMS makes your site easy to manage as well as update for the future. We work with content management systems including: WordPress, Magento, Joomla, and Drupal.

Magento Development

This ecommerce platform gives you the creative control to improve your user experience and also boost conversions for your business. You don’t have to know everything about Magento, this is where we come in. We most often recommend Magento for ecommerce businesses like fashion brands, technology companies, media corporations, B2B sales, and other product curation sites.

Joomla Development

Joomla is a development platform that gives you a number of options to build a custom online platform. We most often recommend Joomla for schools, universities, nonprofits, news organizations, media companies, online magazines, discussion boards, and more.

Shopify Development

This development option is used for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems. Shopify collects reliable data about all of your customers. We most often recommend Shopify for musicians, bands, artists, smaller retailers and clothing lines, limited product lines, and simple products with customization options.

Drupal Development

Drupal is a flexible platform which offers its owners administrative control over the website. Drupal helps engage users with your brand. We most often recommend Drupal for large corporations, magazines, newspapers, musicians, media companies, universities, non-profits, and growing businesses.


Popular for integrating a website and blog into one platform, WordPress allows a user to give information about products, services, and other insights to site visitors. We most often recommend WordPress for content heavy websites like news organizations, discussion boards, social platforms, company blogs and service focused businesses.

Web Development That Performs For Your Business

The Red House Web Design and Mobile Development Process

At Red House, web design is our passion. We care about design but we never overlook function either. They both look good and perform well. 52% of consumers will leave your website if it doesn’t in 3 seconds.From the beginning, our team considers everything from your content strategy to how to market your site to your audience. The basic steps of our design and development process include:


Digital Audit: If you have an existing website, this is where we start. We take the time to understand what is working for you on your current site to what isn’t working. Red House looks at any data you’ve collected from your current site to analyze customer trends. If you don’t currently track data, Red House will set up tracking software on your site to help us find improvement strategies for your next website.


Business Analysis: Before we start building, we get to know your business. We analyze your sales process and identify areas to improve the customer experience. We leverage your sales process and typical questions to drive calls-to-action as well as find common user pathways. Red House cares about understanding your business so we can build a website to push business growth.


Information Architecture (IA) and User Experience (UX): These two work together to serve as the foundation for your site. IA and UX helps us optimize the structure, flow, and content of your site. It should be easy to understand and intuitive for a new customer. The planning of your website leads into the website design.


Interface Design and Digital Strategy: Red House’s websites are meant to be creative and compelling – just like your brand. The digital strategy of your site helps use define the message and content of your site. The strategy is then translated into interface design to create your brand image.


Front-End Coding: Our coding works with tablets and mobile devices of all sizes. We codes properly so your site isn’t filled with plugins and solutions that slow down your site speed. We make sure your website works reliably, across all platforms, and quickly.


Back-End CMS Development: This is where our selection of a Content Management System (CMS) comes in to play. Our back-end coding and CMS make it easy for you to update your site in the future. Red House only chooses trustworthy platforms to keep your data secure.


Quality Checks: Before bringing the site live, we perform quality testing to make sure every page and feature acts, as it should. We give you access to your site so you can make sure everything looks just as you wanted before the site goes live.


Future Optimization: Our websites are easy to manage for the average users. You don’t have to be an expert to make minor changes to your site or update your text. Red House can assist you with ongoing content and design recommendations.


Why Does Website Design Fail?

To create a dynamic website, every element needs to function well, look great, and work with your brand message to attract customers or clients. Red House Website Design helps you identify these fundamentals and lead you down the path of successful digital marketing. All too often, websites are built with speed rather than intention. Some of the questions we help you answer include:


What does your average visitor want?

Who is your ideal customer?

Who is not your ideal customer?

What is the value of a short-term customer?

What is the value of a long-term customer?


Lack of Trust Leads to Low Conversion Rates

In a few short seconds, website visitors make a choice about the reputation of your company. Your website builds immediate trust with design elements like third-party validation, a professional look, use of quality and original photography, and off-site reviews. We are well-versed in looking at data and determining the best way to apply it to your site. Our interface designers are willing to conduct multiple tests to figure out what works with your client base.


Mixed Messages Lead to High Bounce Rates

The message on your site needs to match up with what customers expect from you. You may be sending mixed messages if your bounce rate is especially high or your site isn’t leading to conversions. Red House takes the time to not only analyze your business but also your customer base. With the right sales strategy and website design, you won’t be sending mixed messages any longer.


Website Development Shortcomings Lead to Costly Mistakes

All too often, customers come to us because their current websites aren’t running well. Your site may not be running properly because front-end coders and back-end developers tend to take shortcuts. Developers taking shortcuts tends to show up with a slow page load time, not being compatible with mobile devices or newer browsers, or even broken pages that don’t work out. Red House sticks with strict development standards so you get the fastest and most compatible site possible.


Do you think you are losing business because of poor website design? Contact us today.